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2 of 19

I know you probably think I’m lying when I say I have the messiest and most disorganized craft room on this planet because I usually only show you perfectly clean spaces. I kinda laugh (and so does my husband) when I read comments here on the blog or Instagram/Facebook/etc….that compliment my perfectly clean home. And the reason I laugh is because of course I straighten it up before taking a picture of the project I’m showing….so that the background doesn’t distract. Ha! So back to my craft room…..yes, it’s true, the whole space is chaos. Like, stuff everywhere, piles in corners, boxes unpacked….yeah, it’s not a happy place to create. I usually do as little as possible in there, because it suffocates me, but what a waste of space, right?

So, as I’ve been coming up with ideas for organizing that space…..I kept coming across ideas using pegboard. And while I’ll definitely be using pegboard to help organize my craft room, I kept seeing these incredibly clever ideas to use pegboard ALL OVER THE HOUSE! And not just for organization….but some really darling ways to use it as your art canvas or cross-stitch base. Seriously so cool! I seriously need to buy a pallet of pegboard because I could use this stuff everywhere!

Okay, enough talking…..you’ve got to see all of these for yourself! Maybe some of them would work in your home too??